Legal Career at Marlin Blue

Career at Marlin Blue

We are a flexible and welcoming organization, committed to our goals and keen to develop talent. 

Legal Career at Marlin Blue

Specialists in Marine Claims

At Marlin Blue, our legal team is renowned for its expertise in maritime law, with a special focus on transport and shipping and international trade regulation. Our valued clients are primarily associated with the Marine Insurance industry.

Our headquarters are situated in Huelva, Spain, where we operate as a distinguished law firm specializing in maritime law and insurance claims handling. Our foremost objective is to foster a work culture where every team member feels esteemed, fulfilled, and cognizant of their role in creating a lasting impact. 

Our diverse team includes claims handlers, accomplished lawyers, proficient communication experts, and professionals from various backgrounds. Together, we combine our knowledge and skills to ensure the successful resolution of complex claims.

At Marlin Blue, we are committed to upholding fair employment practices. We select, hire, train, and promote individuals based solely on their qualifications, without any discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, age, marital status, national origin, or disability.

Why join Marlin Blue?

Maritime Lawyer Working in Office

Growth opportunities

We provide growth opportunities that empower employees to pursue their passions, increase earnings, secure promotions, and take on greater responsibilities, fostering personal and professional development.
Team of Expert Lawyers in Marine Insurance

Your legal career with us

While we cherish expertise, we don’t expect you to be an all-knowing maritime legal sage from day one. Our senior attorneys and industry experts will guide you, ensuring you harness the mentorship to steer your career in the right direction.
Maritime Lawyers Analyzing Data on Computer

Core Competencies

valuing multilingualism, prioritizing soft skills for impactful engagement, and leveraging technology for innovative solutions and effective problem-solving in a dynamic work environment.

Claims Handler Working in Office

Learning and development

We focus on fostering continuous learning in maritime law and marine insurance, emphasizing skill enhancement, industry knowledge, and practical experience to advance professional growth.
Jorge Diaz, Expert in Claims and Recovery Management in Marine Insurance

Work-Life balance

Everyone has different priorities and preferences. We recognize the need to recharge, and refresh mind and body, and to keep yourself and your family healthy as well.

What we look for?

We want people who can combine a legal academic track record with strong language skills.

Personal qualities matter, so we care about a positive work environment. Importantly, we want team players who bring people together. It’s the right thing to do, and it also creates a strong sense of loyalty and dedication.

Are you motivated by the complexities of Marine Insurance? Is your professional agility matched by the challenge of resolving claims? Do you have the analytical skills to decode maritime and transport law?

Are you the type of person who will travel and work anywhere to solve cases as needed?

Can you excel in a sector that demands a mix of specialist knowledge and cultural intelligence, working collaboratively with a spectrum of international clients and colleagues to deliver seamless solutions?

These qualities epitomize our team.

We expect people with courage. People who are sensible, smart and truthful. We want friendly and adaptable people who can collaborate with a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise.

If you think you embody these values then this is the place for you and your career.

How to apply

Drop us a link to your profile or past work you’re proud of below. You can also send us an email. We’ll get in touch with you shortly if we believe there’s a fit!

Current Openings

We are always interested in hearing from talented people, so if you do not see a vacancy that interests you at the moment, you can still submit an application for consideration now and/or for future roles

*Please note, not all interviews at Marlin Blue will require an expertise interview or follow the same format. Please contact your recruiter for details about your process.

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