Recovery of marine losses and recoveries of marine claims after subrogation is our core expertise. We have handled maritime, air and inland transportation and most types of goods.

We know how to handle, negotiate, promptly react and quickly achieve results and alleviate loss suffered by cargo interest. Whether it be recourse, reclaims or subrogation, we master it.

Tailored Marine Claims Handling

Third Party Administration (Compensation Management Services). We improve claims handling. We handle claims with our global and holistic view of the insurance and transportation industries. Therefore, we are able to manage the entire process from risk underwriting, survey coordination, recovery and salvage.

General Average

We fill in guarantees and bonds, releasing the cargo anywhere in the world. We are even able to obtain guarantees from third parties whenever the situation arises and bond is not accepted.

Survey coordination

We have developed a large network of surveyors with whom we collaborate on a daily basis. Therefore you may outsource this time-consuming task of surveying cargo anywhere anytime in the world.

Third party liability

We negotiate any kind of loss on behalf of our Principals: third party liability, professional liability, hull&machinery, construction, fire. If you need negotiators, we are what you are looking for.


Marlin Blue reach is global. We have experts, litigate and negotiate claims anywhere.

Since we are appointed for recovery until settlement average time is less than six months.

Almost since the foundation of the company, as some insurance companies have joint claims department for hull & machinery and cargo, we have acquired experience in these types of claims we are settling daily.

Indeed. It is in our mission to find a solution for every claim. We can negotiate your claim.

If you are thinking about outsourcing any/or all parts of your marine claims cargo losses, you came to the right site. From FNOL services (first notice of loss), to Compensation Management services, whole TPA, salvage, whatever problem you face with marine cargo losses, we can increase your results.

We investigate claims and we call all parties involved and even more. In some successful cases, we have obtained documentation from third parties proofing and evidencing someone else´s breach and giving us a good case when it was lost. This is part of Marlin Blue value proposal.

When it comes to recovery after subrogation, we only charge on a contingency basis a percentage of what we achieve in negotiation and, therefore, we only charge once the money is in our client´s pocket.

You can expect a 100% online service with an answer ratio just superb over competitors. All Marlin Blue staff speaks English as common language and several others as native speakers.

We have experience in all types of cargo losses and also in very large cargo losses. Should it be cargo travelling on a single ship under a charterparty, on a container or a shortage on an oil tanker, sinking of a ship, we have done it.

Our Team is dedicated to marine cargo claims and we can take care of thousands of marine cargo claims. No matter how large your portfolio is, we can handle it and improve your loss ratio. As a matter of fact, the larger the portfolio, the more we are going to improve the loss ratio.

Yes, we do also take care of cargo losses within the same country and, let us tell you, our results in these losses are even better than on international losses.

Not at all. Our no cure-no fee means no initial fee will be charged. Therefore, in case of doubt, do send your claim for us to check if it is a good claim.