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Submit your claim

Instruct us to handle a claim on your behalf. It cannot be simpler!

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How we make it simpler? Our cargo claims service is designed to provide a speedy, inexpensive and informal way to resolve disputes. 

What documents are required for a cargo damage or loss claim? The requirements for cargo claims are:

1. Prepare Transport Documents

Bill of Lading

B/L serves as prima-facie evidence of the terms of the contract of carriage between the shipper and the carrier. It must be presented for taking delivery at the destination.


The consignment note standardises the conditions in international road transport, determines the scope and responsibility and identifies the parties involved.

Air Waybill

AWB proves the conclusion of the air transport contract, and provides detailed information such as the terms and conditions of carrieage and/or any relevant statements.

2. Prepare Purchase and Sale Documents

Purchase invoice

The commercial invoice is needed to confirm value of damaged goods.

Packing list

This list provides the number of units shipped and it helps to confirm weight of damaged goods.

3. Prepare Insurance Documents

Insurance Policy

A document, often generated by the policyholder, indicating the type and amount of insurance coverage in force on a particular shipment.

Additional Information

Depending on the circumstances of the claim we may request other documentation such as:


• Damaged cargo • Container, leaks, dents • Consignee can take photos • If it's possible, photos of the items before the damage

Loss Adjustment

• Breakdown of the amount of the compensation • Essential in negotiations

Subrogation Receipt

A subrogation receipt is signed by the insured upon payment of a claim, and assigns the insurer to the right to recovery for the loss.

Survey Report

Claim Surveys are to evaluate the damage and to determine the estimated damage / loss total.

Police Statement

A statement is a written version of what you tell the police happened. This is to report an incident in which a cargo theft occurred.

Destruction Certificate

A document to witness the fact, quantities, method used. Destruction certificate also proves, that cargo was not salvageable.

Salvage Invoice

The receipt where the cargo has been salvaged. Includes any cost incurred to salvage the cargo and to minimise the total loss

Notice of complaints/loss

Timely and written notice of complaints sent lo liable parties serves as prima-facie evidence of the damages and prevents loss of legal actions.

...more, better!

Pre-loading Survey • Equipment Interchange Receipt (EIR) • Certificate of origin • Stowage plan • Certificate of Conformity • Dock/Warehouse Receipt • Safety Plan • Scheduling Procedure • Environmental Plan • Bulk material quantity reports • Owner’s Instructions to contractor • Letters and emails

Your claim can be resolved in a timely manner if your claim is fully documented.  Documentation is essential for effective claims management.

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