About us

Expert Team

Our team is more complex than being lawyers. We are an independent and global agency with maritime law expertise keen to find alternative ways of solving disputes, especially through negotiation.

Starting as a recovery agency, we have grown to become a lead global player thanks to our increasing network. We solve all types of problems regarding cargo transportation, maritime disputes and third party liability.

Global Expertise in Local Cargo Claims Management by Marlin Blue Spain

Leadership Team

Guillermo Zamora

Founder of Marlin Blue

Jorge Díaz

Head of Business Development

Our values

Cooperation. We like teamwork in-house and working with people outside our organization: service providers, liable parties and clients.

Respect. We highly value and respect different cultures and nationalities.

Balanced. Both in terms of service: quality, results, promptness and in terms of personal and professional life.

Open to new initiatives, open to listening, open to understanding, open to doing, open to diversity.

Independent. We believe in no hierarchy and no formalism in terms of communication and process.

Value Propositions

Customer-centric. Marlin Blue services are designed in order to provide a hassle-free solution for clients.

Creative. Marlin Blue is proud to find innovative solutions where others only find problems.

Practical. The Marlin Blue team prefers quick solutions to lengthy explanations about failure.

Global. Marlin Blue can make Claims services everywhere.

Loss ratio improvement. Marlin Blue is dedicated to improving insurance companies loss ratio. 

Data & IT centric. In terms of expertise, negotiation, efficiency and team-work Marlin Blue has the most advanced tools and systems.


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