Security Alerts

Security Alerts

At Marlin Blue, the security of our clients and our firm is of utmost importance. In this section, we will post Information Security Alerts as needed to keep you informed and protected.

Be Aware of Imitation Scams

It’s a known tactic among fraudsters to impersonate reputable companies, including law firms like ours. These scams may involve fraudulent emails, letters, or phone calls falsely claiming to be from Marlin Blue or our associates.

While it is challenging to prevent such deceptive practices entirely, our aim here is to make you aware of the risks and to inform you about the types of scams that have come to our attention.

Identifying Fraudulent Communications

If you receive any communications from an email address that does not end in or from someone claiming to be associated with Marlin Blue but the contact details seem suspicious, it’s likely to be a fraudulent attempt.

What to Do If You Suspect Fraud

Should you receive such suspicious emails or communications, we urge you to contact us immediately to verify their authenticity. You can reach out to us for verification at our official contact page: Marlin Blue Contact Us.

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