Quality Policy

Quality Policy

The Management of Marlin Blue Recoveries expresses its commitment to the enhancement of quality and environmental performance through the present Quality Policy, and commits to its dissemination at all levels of the company and stakeholders, as well as to providing the necessary resources for its compliance. The basic principles of Marlin Blue Recoveries’ Integrated Management Policy are as follows:

• Mitigate the loss of customers’ goods. 

• Facilitate our customers’ work by improving the efficiency of insurers.

• Improve the efficiency of international transport, minimising the impunity of carriers.

• Continuous study of the sector’s best changing and innovative technologies to be able to offer at all times the most innovative and reliable services in the market.

• The management constantly ensures that the necessary means are available for the perfect provision of services, guaranteeing compliance with the requirements agreed with customers, as well as those of the interested parties and the applicable legal requirements, such as those the organisation may voluntarily subscribe to.

• Commitment to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system, as well as the communication and understanding of the same, and its review for its continuous adaptation.

This policy is communicated throughout the company and to all interested parties and reviewed at least annually to ensure its appropriateness and our continued success.

Juan José Domínguez

Date: 8 November 2023
Policy Renewal Date: 8 November 2024

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