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Marlin Blue is a Third Party Administrator (TPA) for the marine insurance industry. Focused on improving the claims process and its outcomes, we offer comprehensive end-to-end claims handling services.
Global Third-Party Administrator (TPA)

Simplifying Processes with Specialist Claims Handlers and Precise Control

Traditional claims management processes can often be cumbersome and time-consuming, resulting in inefficient operations and dissatisfaction among insurers, brokers, and policyholders. 

Within the marine insurance sector, insurance companies are frequently tasked with managing an increasing number of complex claims, often stretching available resources and time to their limits. Teams are often grappling with the rigorous procedures of claim initiation, investigation, adjustment, and settlement. Furthermore, managing recovery and mitigation aspects can pose significant challenges.

In such scenarios, TPAs like Marlin Blue offer a viable solution, providing the opportunity to outsource claims processes, thus simplifying them and ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Adaptation in TPA Services – A Business Imperative

In the evolving landscape of TPA services, understanding and adapting to the unique needs of each insurance company is decisive. Each step of the claims management process requires distinct levels of support depending on the client’s resources and capabilities. 

By building a flexible and adaptive TPA model, we provide targeted support where it’s needed the most. This bespoke approach enables the delivery of highly efficient and effective claims management services.

At Marlin Blue, we excel in this adaptive approach, ensuring meaningful and impactful support throughout the process.

Global Third-Party Administrator (TPA) Services in Marine Insurance

Cost Control

Effective control of claims costs is fundamental to delivering superior outcomes in the marine insurance industry. 

As a TPA at Marlin Blue, our mission is to ensure the technical handling of claims from the moment they occur. We concentrate on several core areas that contribute to significant cost savings and enhanced value for our clients:

  • Efficient Expense Management
  • Tailored Budget Control
  • Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Streamlined Claim Process
  • Proactive Cost Monitoring

Specializing in TPA Solutions for the Marine Insurance Sector

At Marlin Blue, our in-depth understanding of both the transport and cargo insurance industry and the insurance sector as a whole.  We understand the critical importance of each detail from the first notice of loss to the final settlement, in a marine survey or a recovery after subrogation, and we know how these finer points can substantially impact a claim’s outcome.

We are further differentiated through our alliance with Claimar, established through a partnership between Marlin Blue and Comismar, a recognized Spanish marine surveyor company. This alliance enriches our services by merging the expertise of a legal team with the practical experience of seasoned surveyors, thereby bolstering our ability to provide efficient and expert insurance claims management.

In sum, our core competencies highlight our ability to handle complex cases, particularly those involving hull & machinery, liability and cargo. We have amassed an extensive team of specific industry specialists, ensuring we provide top-tier insurance claims management services across air, maritime, and inland sectors.  The blending of our in-depth industry knowledge, legal expertise, and strategic partnership with Claimar truly sets us apart in the TPA services sector.

So, what differentiates our TPA services?

Skilled negotiation team

Our team’s skilled negotiation tactics contribute to a swift and favorable claim resolution. This proficiency directly impacts claim closure rates, providing an efficient and effective outcome for all parties involved.

Marine Legal Expertise

Every case is unique and requires a tailored approach based on applicable laws. We combine years of legal expertise with a thorough understanding of marine claims handling to provide precise solutions.


We prioritize open and consistent communication with all parties involved, fostering smooth and conflict-free processing of claims. Our diplomatic approach helps maintain healthy relationships between all stakeholders, ensuring a fair consideration of all parties’ views.

Turning Challenges into Success

Boost claim closures by delegating claims management to us. We transform complex procedures into straightforward solutions, optimizing claim outcomes.

Third-Party Administration Offering Tailored Add-On Claims Services

At Marlin Blue, we provide an end-to-end, timeline-based approach to marine claims management. As seasoned maritime lawyers and marine claims specialists, we navigate the intricacies of each case with strategic precision. Our array of modular, fee-for-service supports ensures a seamless progression through each stage of the claims process:

First Notice of Loss (FNOL) Services

Initiating the claims process, we ensure prompt and precise First Notice of Loss (FNOL) services, laying a solid foundation for subsequent steps.

Claim Assessment

We provide an examination of each claim’s nuances. We dive deep into policy specifics, incident circumstances, and damage extent. Our assessment involves: careful consideration of all pertinent information, including cargo loss investigations and surveys, detailed document review, and consultation with domain experts as required.

Survey Coordination

We facilitate survey coordination for cargo, hull, and machinery claims. Our services include:

  • Appointing qualified surveyors when appropriate,
  • Conducting remote surveys as a preferred approach when feasible,
  • Implementing on-site surveys only when necessary.

Loss Adjustment

Once assessment and surveys are complete, count on our adept loss adjustment strategies to determine the claim value for optimal outcomes.

Reporting Analytics

Throughout the process, harness the power of data with our tailored reporting analytics. Customize report frequency, data types, and insights for optimal operational control.


In parallel, we assist with effective recovery measures, helping to mitigate financial risks.

Claims settlement

After loss adjustment and mitigation, we employ expert negotiation skills for efficient claim resolution and maximized recovery.

Subrogated Recovery claims

Additionally, we undertake the Pursuit of Third Party Recoveries, carrying out efficient and effective actions to recover from third parties. Our goal is to reimburse the losses that were compensated to our clients.

For cargo insurance and subrogated recovery claims, our approach is comprehensive. We manage both cargo insurance claims and those involving subrogation, striving to recover as much as possible from the party at fault. 

Compensation Management Scheme

Trust in our effective compensation management process for fair and equitable settlements, finalizing the claims process.

Marine Liability Handling

Throughout each stage, our experts handle marine liability cases with a deep understanding of maritime laws and international protocols, ensuring accurate and fair claim resolution.

Let us be the natural extension to your claims team

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