IUMI 2023 Edinburgh Conference

Marlin Blue is proud to have participated in this year's IUMI (International Union of Marine Insurance) Conference, held in Edinburgh, representing a prominent voice from Spain in the global marine insurance sector.
Our CEO, Juan José Domínguez, along with our leader team, attended the event, exchanging insights and exploring collaboration opportunities with international counterparts.

Jorge Díaz, a distinguished expert in marine insurance, enriched the conference by presenting in-depth insights into the current trends in casualty. He correlated these trends with the need for adequate training and certification for yacht and ship crews. His insightful presentation emphasized the critical importance of well-trained and certified teams in preventing incidents and managing risks effectively in the navigation and operation of maritime vessels. His dialogue was instrumental in shedding light on essential aspects of marine safety and risk management, enhancing the comprehension of attendees on these pivotal matters.
Jorge Diaz as a Keynote Speaker at IUMI 2023 Edinburgh Conference

The IUMI Conference is the largest and most influential forum in international marine insurance, reflecting its mission to raise professional standards and be the trusted voice of global marine insurance. This year’s conference theme, opened by President Frédéric Denèfle, symbolized the ongoing adaptability and resilience inherent in marine underwriting amidst ongoing global challenges, including natural disasters, geopolitical turmoil, and the disruptions brought about by the war in Ukraine and the pandemic.

Marlin Blue. Annual conference. IUMI 2023
Guillermo Zamora, Jorge Díaz and Juan José Domínguez at IUMI 2023 Edinburgh Conference

Our participation and contributions at the conference have reinforced our dedication to advancing industry standards and fostering innovations in marine insurance. Stay tuned to our updates for more reflections on the conference and insights into the evolving landscape of marine insurance.

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