Marlin Blue secures position as leading legal Consultancy with ALSUM membership

Marlin Blue is proud to announce our recent membership in the Latin American Association of Marine Underwriters (ALSUM), a strategic milestone that not only underscores our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation but also solidifies our position as a leading legal consultancy in the realm of complex marine insurance, especially concerning Hull & Machinery (H&M) and cargo insurance providers across Latin America.

This partnership is the culmination of vision and collaborative effort among distinguished members of the marine insurance and legal community, including Leonardo Umaña, Secretary-General of ALSUM, and board members Arturo Posada, Leonardo Morales, and Erika Schoch, whose warm welcome and support have been pivotal in this endeavor. Their acknowledgment and backing not only reinforce the significance of this alliance but also herald a promising future for synergies between Marlin Blue and ALSUM.

Marlin Blue’s inclusion as a member of ALSUM marks a significant step forward in our strategic plan for institutional strengthening in 2024. Through this alliance, we aim not only to consolidate our reputation in the sector but also to make a meaningful contribution to the development and professionalization of maritime law in the region. Partnering with ALSUM allows us to access a broader network of professionals and experts in the field, foster the exchange of knowledge and experiences, and enhance our capabilities to handle even more complex and challenging cases within the marine insurance sphere.

Our focus will be on further strengthening our legal services offering to H&M and cargo insurance providers, focusing on the specific needs of the LATAM market and adapting to its changing dynamics. We are committed to providing innovative and effective legal solutions, backed by our technical expertise and deep understanding of maritime laws and regulations.

This moment represents a significant milestone not just for Marlin Blue but for all our clients and partners, who will directly benefit from our expanded capacity and renewed focus on excellence and innovation in maritime law. We are excited about the opportunities this alliance with ALSUM presents and remain committed to continuing as leaders in providing specialized legal consultancy in the maritime sector.

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